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Case 125527

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Dental implants

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Upper left tooth 26

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Canaray 125527

1. Restoration on tooth 26 communicates with pulp chamber

The restoration on the occlusal aspect of tooth 26 communicates with the pulp chamber. No periapical pathology is noted at this time.

Mild mucositis in the left maxillary sinus

Mild mucositis is present within the left maxillary sinus. This level of mucosal thickening will not impede a potential left maxillary sinus lift.

2. Possible nasal polyp in left nasal cavity

There is a well-defined, dome-shaped soft tissue mass in the left nasal cavity, located superior to the middle concha. Although this likely represents a nasal polyp, radiologic findings are non-specific, and referral to an ENT specialist is recommended to substantiate this interpretation.

3. Concha bullosa

The left middle nasal concha contains air. This represents a concha bullosa and is an incidental finding with no clinical significance.