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Case 12686

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Canaray 12686

Cemental dysplasia

A large focus of cemental dysplasia is present at site 46. The mesial root of tooth 47 also exhibits a small focus of periapical cemental dysplasia. The radiographic features that support this diagnosis are the amorphous shapes of the densely calcified structures, the broad radiolucent band that surround them, and the periapical locations of the entities.

This focus of cemental dysplasia does not appear to be secondarily infected, so removal is not required.

1. Axial slices of cemental dysplasia

These axial cross-sectional images demonstrate the mild buccal expansion of the mandibular alveolar process by the cemental dysplasia. Contrary to a popularly held belief, cemental dysplasia is capable of causing mild buccolingual bone expansion.