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Case 131936

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mandibular Q4

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Canaray 131936

1. Focal osteoporotic bone marrow at site 46

There is a focal region of low bone density within the alveolar process at 46. This low-density region is partially filled with trabecular bone. The overlying alveolar crest is intact, as are the contiguous buccal and lingual cortical plates. These findings suggest a small focus of osteoporotic bone marrow, which is a variant of normal anatomy.

Axial views of site 46

These axial cross-sectional images demonstrate the normal caliber of the buccal and lingual cortices overlying the area of osteopenic bone within the mandible at site 46.

Mesiodistal views of site 46

These mesiodistal cross-sectional images demonstrate the intact crestal bone overlying the osteopenic bone marrow at site 46. The mandibular nerve canal is unaffected, and exhibits a normal course and caliber.

Buccolingual views of site 46

These buccolingual cross-sectional images demonstrate a normal contour of the alveolar process at site 46. No signs of buccolingual expansion are present. The area of osteopenic bone marrow represents a normal anatomic variant and should not be interpreted as pathology.

2. Possible root fracture on tooth 47D

A radiolucent plane is present within the coronal third of the distal root of tooth 47. This may represent an artifact resulting from beam hardening, or reflect the presence of a root fracture. Clinical evaluation is indicated.

3. Widened PDL space on tooth 44

The periapical periodontal ligament space of tooth 44 is slightly widened. This may represent a focus of persistent low grade endodontic pathology or a healing post-treatment appearance.

Periodontal bone loss

Mild horizontal periodontal bone loss is present on the mandibular incisors and on tooth 37. Periodontal ligament space widening around the roots of tooth 37 suggests clinical mobility may be present.