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Case 13575

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Canaray 13575

1. No significant change at tooth 46 since 2003

The radiolucent entity in the periapical region of tooth 46 has not changed significantly since 2003, which suggests that this entity represents a stable fibrous or fibro-osseous entity. Tooth 46 may still be vital.

Benign fibro-osseous entity at site 48

A well defined region of granular bone with a smaller heterogeneous region that is surrounded by a soft tissue capsule is present in the posterior right mandibular body. The periodontal ligament space has been maintained around tooth 47 adjacent to this entity. This appearance is suggestive of a stable fibrous dysplasia. No changes in size have occurred relative to the first available panoramic radiographic image in 2003.

Axial views of posterior 4th quadrant

These axial cross sectional images demonstrate the expansion of the mandibular alveolar process caused by the fibro-osseous entity. The radiolucent entity associated with tooth 46 is distinct from the entity that is composed of granular bone.

Sagittal views of posterior right mandibular body

These sagittal cross sectional images demonstrate the localized displacement of the mandibular nerve by the fibro-osseous entity in this region.

No treatment recommended

The unchanging nature of the entity is not suggestive of a benign aggressive entity such as an ossifying fibroma, and is more consistent with a self-limiting fibrous dysplasia. No treatment is recommended. Radiographic follow up should be continued.

Comparison of serial radiographs

These serial images demonstrate the static nature of the entity in the posterior 4th quadrant. No significant changes have occurred since 2003.