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Case 148094

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Canaray 148094

1. Osteomyelitis in right posterior mandible

The right posterior mandibular alveolar process exhibits a prominent osseous defect in the region of the extracted teeth 46 and 47. Multiple osseous sequestra are present within this residual osseous defect. The right posterior mandible exhibits diffuse sclerosis, which extends to the mesial and distal aspects of this imaging volume. The right mandibular nerve canal abuts this area of bone loss, and the superior cortex of the canal is effaced.

These radiographic findings are consistent with osteomyelitis at site 46/47. Debridement of the region may be considered.

Mesiodistal views of posterior 4th quadrant

These mesiodistal cross-sectional images demonstrate loss of the superior cortex of the right mandibular nerve canal adjacent to the prominent osseous defect at sites 46 and 47. The crestal bone is not re-established, and osseous seqeustra are dispersed throughout this area of bone loss. Note the diffusely sclerotic appearance of the remainder of the right posterior mandible.

2. Periodontal bone loss + calculus on tooth 45

Tooth 45 exhibits moderate horizontal periodontal bone loss and gross calculus deposition. No signs of periapical pathology are noted.