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Case 150525

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Troublesome / painful / cracked tooth (Endodontic)

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Canaray 150525

1. Benign odontogenic cystic lesion between teeth 22 and 23

A well-defined unilocular radiolucent cystic entity is present in the interradicular region of teeth 22 and 23. This entity has a well defined corticated periphery, and has caused mild buccolingual expansion of the alveolar process. Small calcifications are present at the posterior superior periphery of the lesion internally, which is suggestive of the intrinsic calcification potential of the lesion. The roots of teeth 22 and 23 have been slightly splayed, but no external resorption or damage is present on the root surfaces of either tooth. This overall radiographic appearance is suggestive of a benign odontogenic cystic lesion. The presence of dispersed calcifications within the lesion may be suggestive of a calcifying cystic odontogenic tumor.

Orthogonal measurements of cystic lesion in the anterior left maxilla

These orthogonal cross-sectional images demonstrate the approximate dimensions of the cystic lesion in the anterior left maxilla.

2. Left antral pseudocyst + mild mucositis in the left maxillary sinuses

A pseudocyst is present in the anterior region of the left maxillary sinus. Mild mucositis is present on the floor of the left maxillary sinus. These are non-significant incidental findings.