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Case 175140

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Canaray 175140

1. Fibrous dysplasia in left mandible

Granular bone that resembles ground glass is present in the left mandibular body. This zone of granular bone extends from the periapical region of tooth 33 to the periapical region of tooth 37, and extends from the alveolar crest to the inferior mandibular border. The roots of the teeth adjacent to the entity have not been affected. The inferior alveolar nerve canal passes through this region of altered bone, and has been superiorly displaced, but does not exhibit any significant constrictions. The entity has caused localized smooth expansion of the mandibular bone in this region. The radiographic appearance is consistent with fibrous dysplasia.

Axial views of mandible demonstrating asymmetry

These axial cross sectional images demonstrate the locally expanded mandibular body in the region apical to teeth 33 to 37. The ground glass internal structure of the fibrous dysplasia in the posterior third quadrant is evident in these images, as is the asymmetric appearance of the mandible.