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Case 183829

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Troublesome / painful / cracked tooth (Endodontic)

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Canaray 183829

1. Lesion at palatal root of tooth 27 has increased in size since prior scan

The current scan (greyscale) was overlaid on the prior scan (redscale) and the areas of red show-through demonstrate regions of change between the two scans. A localized increase in the size of the radiolucent lesion has occurred in the time interval since the prior scan (Canaray Case 128032, dated 12 September 2016). This increase in the lesion size suggests that the endodontic treatment of the palatal root is failing, and that a persistent, progressively enlarging endodontic lesion is present.

Orthogonal views of tooth 27

These orthogonal cross-sectional images demonstrate the current appearance of tooth 27 from various perspectives.

2. Left antral pseudocyst + mild mucositis in the left maxillary sinus

A pseudocyst is present in the left maxillary sinus. Mild mucositis is present on the floor of the left maxillary sinus. These are non-significant incidental findings.