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Case 199661

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Canaray 199661

1. Healing extraction socket at site 37: low bone density

Granular bone is present within the extraction socket at site 37, which indicates healing. The density of the bone in the apical portion of site 37 is low, which may reduce the primary stability of a potential implant at this site. The density of the crestal bone at this site is slightly lower than that of the adjacent trabecular bone. The overlying cortical plates are intact.

2. Hypercementosis on tooth 36D

Hypercementosis is present on the apical third of the distal root of tooth 36. This represents a non-significant incidental finding.

3. Buccal abrasions

Mild buccal abrasions are present on teeth 35 and 36, at the level of the cementoenamel junction.