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Case 200696

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Canaray 200696

1. Healed socket preservation at sites 46 and 47

The socket preservations at sites 46 and 47 have healed normally and exhibit densities similar to that of the adjacent trabecular bone. Granules of restorative materials are retained within the alveolar process, in the apical portion of site 46. This represents a non-significant incidental finding that will not impede implant placement. No intraosseous pathology is present.

2. Rarefying osteitis on tooth 45M

A small focus of rarefying osteitis is present on the mesial aspect of the apical third of the root of 45. The existing obturation is centrally positioned and extends to the radiographic apex. The periodontal ligament space is suggestive of the presence of an unfilled lateral canal in this region. The remaining periradicular bone appears normal. There are no signs of a root fracture. Endodontic sealer has been extruded through the apical foramen of the tooth and is retained within the alveolar process. This represents a non-significant incidental finding.