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Case 207214

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Canaray 207214

1. Healing post-treatment appearance of site 42

The prior scan (Canaray case 120934, dated 27 June 2016) was overlaid on the current scan. The bone in the prior scan has a yellowish hue in this overlay, and the new bone formation in the current scan has a bright green appearance. The sequestrum at site 42 has been surgically removed. The defect exhibits a significant amount of reparative bone formation, and appears to be healing. No signs of persistent pathology are radiographically evident. However, a persistent bone defect remains at the lingual cortical plate adjacent to site 42.

Orthogonal views of current scan

These orthogonal cross-sectional images demonstrate the current appearance of the healing bone at site 42. Note the absence of any visible sequestra in this region, as well as the presence of a persistent lingual defect in the alveolar process at site 42.