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Case 34127

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Canaray 34127

Volume rendering of tooth 48

Windows media video file

Right inferior alveolar canal buccal to mesioangularly impacted tooth 48

The right inferior alveolar canal courses buccal to the roots of the mesioangularly impacted tooth 48. The nerve canal is not in close proximity to the roots of tooth 48. The periodontal ligament space surrounding the tooth 48 roots is visualized, suggesting that the tooth is not ankylosed.

Axial views of tooth 48

These axial cross-sectional images demonstrate the buccal passage of the inferior alveolar canal relative to the roots of tooth 48.

1. Gross caries + Root fracture in tooth 47D

There is gross caries in the distal aspect of the tooth 47 crown. There is also a fracture plane in the coronal third of the tooth 47 distal root. The distal root is detached from tooth 47 and is slightly displaced in a distal and buccal direction.

2. Rarefying + sclerosing osteitis around tooth 47

There is rarefying osteitis that extends circumferentially around the roots of tooth 47. The adjacent trabecular bone appears sclerotic. There is loss of the buccal and lingual cortices of the alveolar crest adjacent to tooth 47, suggesting the presence of drainage. The lingual cortical plate adjacent to the tooth 47 mesial root apex also appears thinned. These findings suggest the presence of chronic infection in association with tooth 47.

Mesiodistal views of tooth 47 + 48

These mesiodistal cross-sectional images demonstrate the mesioangular position of tooth 48 relative to tooth 47. Note the presence of rarefying osteitis that surrounds the tooth 47 roots. The mandibular canal passes just apical to this region of rarefaction.