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Case 53042

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Canaray 53042

1. Rarefying osteitis on tooth 16

Tooth 16 exhibits periapical rarefying osteitis which has displaced the sinus floor superiorly. The mesiobuccal and palatal roots of the tooth are fused and may contain an incompletely obturated isthmus, which is the source of this rarefying osteitis.

2. Persistent extraction socket at site 26

A persistent region of low bone density is present in the extraction socket at site 26.

3. Embedded pellet from pellet gun in the left cheek

A pellet from a pellet gun is embedded within the soft tissue of the left malar region. This entity has not had any effect on the surrounding structures, but could have potential implications for future MRI scans.

4. Maxillary sinus mucositis

Moderate mucositis is present in the left maxillary sinus. Severe mucositis is present in the right maxillary sinus. The sinus ostia are not visible in this scan.

5. Lingual tonsillolith

A tonsillolith is present in the left lingual tonsil. This is an incidental finding with no significance.

6. Fused C2/C3

The bodies of the second and third cervical vertebrae are fused. This is suggestive of the presence of cervical degenerative joint disease.