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Case 7277

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Canaray 7277

1. Fibrous dysplasia in right maxilla

Fibrous dysplasia is present in the right maxilla. It has extended into the space occupied by the maxillary sinus without significantly altering the overall outer shape of the maxilla, which is a characteristic feature of fibrous dysplasia. In addition, the infraorbital nerve has not been displaced, which is another characteristic of fibrous dysplasia. The infraorbital nerve canal has not been narrowed, which suggests that this region of fibrous dysplasia is incidental. The teeth have not been displaced.

Axial view of fibrous dysplasia

These axial cross sectional views demonstrate the mild expansion of the walls of the right maxilla, as well as the decrease in size of the right maxillary sinus. Note the maintenance of the shape of the alveolar process, as well as the non-displacement of the maxillary teeth. This appearance is a feature of fibrous dysplasia rather than an ossifying fibroma

Coronal slices of maxillofacial region

These coronal cross sectional images demonstrate the asymmetry between the right and left maxillae.

Sagittal cross sections of right maxilla

The sagittal cross sectional views demonstrate the decreased size of the right maxillary sinus, and region of fibrous dysplasia that conforms to the shape of the surrounding bone.