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Case 97238

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Dental implants

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12 area (also 13/14 area)

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Canaray 97238

1. Dens invaginatus + rarefying osteitis on tooth 12

An irregularly shaped, severely malformed root canal system is present within the entire root length of tooth 12, an appearance consistent with dens invaginatus. The presence of periapical rarefying osteitis suggests this tooth is devitalized. A history of endodontic access appears to be present. The configuration of the root canal system suggests this tooth is unlikely to be amenable to endodontic treatment.

2. Soft tissue mass interproximal and palatal to teeth 13 and 14: Biopsy required

A small soft tissue mass is present along the palatal gingiva interproximal to the root apices of teeth 13 and 14. The underlying alveolar bone appears normal, and there is no evidence of periapical pathology. A biopsy of the area is required for diagnosis.

Axial views of anterior 1st quadrant

These axial cross-sectional images demonstrate the soft tissue mass overlying the palatal gingiva interproximal to teeth 13 and 14. Note the normal appearance of the underlying alveolar process.

Buccolingual views of anterior 1st quadrant

These buccolingual cross-sectional images demonstrate the focal nodular soft tissue mass arising from the palatal gingiva in the right anterior maxilla. No endodontic pathology is associated with teeth 13 and 14.