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Case 97360

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Troublesome / painful / cracked tooth (Endodontic)

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Canaray 97360

1. Stafne defect in left anterior mandible

A prominent, thickly corticated concavity is present along the lingual aspect of the mandible, which extends between the periapical areas of teeth 32 and 34. The overlying buccal cortical plate remains intact. No tooth displacement is noted. This appearance is most consistent with an anterior variant of a Stafne defect associated with the left sublingual gland. Although no treatment is indicated, the extent of this defect may increase the risk of mandibular fracture at this site.

Axial views of left anterior mandible

These axial cross-sectional images demonstrate thick cortex around the osseous defect within the left anterior mandibular body and alveolar process, which is a feature supportive of a Stafne defect. Note the undisturbed buccal cortical plate.

Buccolingual views of anterior 3rd quadrant

These buccolingual cross-sectional images demonstrate loss of the lingual cortical plate overlying the Stafne defect in the left anterior mandible. Although the root apex of tooth 33 extends into this defect, this tooth likely remains vital.

Mesiodistal views of anterior 3rd quadrant

These mesiodistal cross-sectional images demonstrate the extent of the Stafne defect between the roots of teeth 32 and 34. The inferior mandibular cortex remains intact.

2. Periapical cemental dysplasia associated with tooth 31

A focal area of granular bone formation is present in the periapical area of tooth 31, and the contiguous lingual cortical plate is thinned. This appearance is consistent with periapical cemental dysplasia associated with tooth 31. No treatment is required.